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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 09 Apr 2012

Most digital cameras, even cheaper ones, include a feature for displaying the date and time on all the photos taken, which is called time-stamp. This feature allows the user to quickly see when the picture was taken and it's also useful for organizing a large collection of photos. Unfortunately, there are times when adding a time-stamp is not possible, either because the digital camera doesn't have this feature or the taken picture is meant to be used as a Windows wallpaper and, as such, a time-stamp will not make this possible. For both situations, Y.A. Photos Date Stamper is a real help.

This simple Windows program allows adding time-stamps to any image file, no matter what digital camera was used for taking them. But compared to the time-stamp feature included in digital cameras, the one provided by Y.A. Photos Date Stamper allows customizing every aspect of it, like the font color, size, type and also position.

The program's functionality is extremely simple. All the features of Y.A. Photos Date Stamper are included in the same interface, being very easy to access. The user should first open the image folder or the list of images that he would like to time-stamp and then select the destination folder for saving the stamped images. At this point, one can choose to preview the time-stamped photos prior to saving them or he can directly save all the modified images in the chosen folder.

Besides customizing the color and font of the stamp, the user can also customize the way date and time are displayed, by selecting one of the many formats available in the interface. Y.A. Photos Date Stamper doesn't limit to adding time-stamps to images, as it can also resize large groups of photos using predefined resolutions. The functionality of this feature is the same as adding time-stamps to images, as one just needs to select the source and destination folder and then choose a resolution from the ones included.


It allows adding time-stamps to large groups of images at once. Besides that, the time-stamps can be deeply customized and can be positioned anywhere on the image. What's more, the program can resize image folders using one of the predefined resolutions available.


The program's interface seems too simple and it doesn't support any skins. Y.A. Photos Date Stamper is an interesting tool for time-stamping and resizing large groups of photos at once.

Y.A. Photos Date Stamper


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